Fell off my Broom

Well I am LITERALLY the worst blogger ever! The last couple of months have been insanely busy at work (Christmas and Twixmas) and I worked a LOT so I haven’t had much time to get any blogging done. Pretty much when I got home for work I but wanted to relax and couldn’t make myself do anything other than Netflix and Chill (without the naughty conotations)

Anyway, rather than write a whole bunch of ‘In the Past’ Posts I have decided to do a rapid fire ‘In the Past Few Months’ post and really only go I to super details with one of
So here is what I have been up to:
– Went to the Broadway Christmas market which was super gorgeous the first time I went but lost a bit of luster the second time
– Really got to explore Camden Market when I popped back to London for a few days (the exact reason why will be the subject on a longer post)
– Attended a totally lame work Christmas Luncheon where I couldn’t eat half the food due to allergies
– Recieved an amazing amount of Christmas presents despite being overseas
– Worked Christmas Eve, day and boxing day
– Had a great birthday though it had a serious lack of cake (boo) but I did have some damn good ice cream (yay)
– Celebrated New Year sick in bed
As for 2018 so far I have spent the whole year sick in bed as first I caught a Flu which then turned into a stupid virus called Labyrinthitis which essentially causes constant dizziness and nausea.
With my health back to like 86% I am looking forward to actually getting back out there and escaping Broadway again soon – though now it will have to wait a bit since I have been off work for awhile which means I have time to make up and money to save.
Ah Well, hopefully it can only get better from here!

Next time on Backpacks and Broomsticks: Why was I actually in London the first week of December?
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A Night in the Manor House Hotel: Part 2

After walking about the village for awhile and getting a manicure (a real last minute – but totally worth it – decision) I headed back to my room to relax with a cup of tea and some telly until my 7 pm dinner reservation.

restUpon my arrival to the restaurant I was immediately offered a beverage – which I politely declined – and I was then led to a cozy wee table near the back which offered me a great view of the restaurant. Situated in an obviously newer area of the hotel and is essentially a glassed in room (kind of like a greenhouse) that must offer spectacular views during the day of the gardens. Night in the restaurant is decidedly less spectacular due to a lack of any real lights outdoors. The chairs were quite comfortable so I easily settled in to await my order.

Upon my booking of the reservation for dinner, I was asked if I had any food allergies. Of course I do have a serious allergy to peanuts so the staff had already provided me a peanut free menu which I chose to order haddock and chips off of. After taking my order the waitress asked if I would prefer gluten free bread over regular bread due to the fact that it was guaranteed to be nut free and I accepted. Within seconds she returned with my warm bread and I happily went about nomming on it.din

I did end up deciding to order cranberry juice as my drink of choice, much to the shock of my waitress, and I think she spent much of the night trying to decipher how old I was. Other guests also seemed to be curious about me and I even heard one nearby table say that ‘she must be important to be so young and on her own’.

Speaking of the nearby table, they proved to be a source of great amusement for me all night. The were discussing a wedding that they had all been to and then were describing it as a rather ‘off’ affair. At one point the oldest woman at the table regaled her fellow table mates with the tale of the tart that she had at the wedding which she described as ‘the most ridiculous tart I have ever eaten’.

My meal arrived about ten minutes or so after I had taken my seat and I truly enjoyed it. The fish was a perfect ratio of fish to batter and the chips themselves were perfectly crunchy and delicious when dipped in the house made tartar sauce. The real star of the meal though came with dessert however.

It is well known among my family that I truly LOVE Creme Brule and I have even joked that rather than a wedding cake I want a giant Creme Brule whose top layer I can crack rather than making the first slice. This particular Creme Brule was of the salted caramel variety and came with a perfect amount of fresh fruit to off set the richness of the brule itself.

break2After finishing my meal I headed back upstairs for my long awaited bath – which sadly was not nearly as enjoyable as I would have liked. It was a bit of a pain to get the temperature just right. It was also not nearly deep enough for me to completely submerge myself (a common problem for those of us with larger *assets*). But it was nice to not have to worry about someone banging on the door needing a pee or wanting to brush their teeth so I enjoyed it to the best of my ability with a Madonna playlist.

I had chosen to go for room service for breakfast for the simple reason that breakfast started at 7:30 (normal) but ended at 9:30, which is actually a tad early for most hotel. So I filled out the order sheet, brought it downstairs (kind of a pain since I had to get redressed) and then headed off to bed.

breakThe next morning my breakfast arrived promptly at 9:30 and I was treated to a beautifully presented tray which included a wee dish of assorted mini pastries, freshly squeezed apple juice, and a mini teapot of hot chocolate. I had elected to go with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for my main dish. It was simply delicious and I enjoyed every last bite.

With checkout being at 11 I had made sure to prepack the night before to prevent any panic. With breakfast done and bags packed I headed downstairs to pay my bill then I popped on my backpack and hopped back on my broom to fly off to my next adventure!

Next time on Backpacks and Broomsticks: I give my final rating for the Manor House Hotel

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A Night at the Manor House Hotel

hOTELI needed a change of pace. I had either been working or staying in Broadway for the last two months (September and October) so on a whim I decided to treat myself and that my dear readers is how I ended up booking myself a room at the Manor House Hotel in Moreton-in-Marsh.

I decided on Moreton-in-Marsh as my mini vacation destination because (a) it is quite close to Broadway (a mere ½ hour bus ride through gorgeous forests) and (b) because it is one of the less pricey Cotswold towns (though just as pretty) in comparison to say Bourton-on-the-Water or Stratford-upon-Avon.

My criteria for choosing a hotel was actually quite simple:

  • I wanted it to be an older building with some history
  • I wanted to be able to do a Bed and Breakfast rate
  • It couldn’t be too expensive

Moreton has quite a few lovely hotels with a lot of history but ultimately I decided to go with ROOM2the Manor House Hotel due to rooms not being overly ‘modernized’, something I noted a lot of the other hotels had done. To me if you are going to have a hotel in an old building you should try and stay true to the age of the hotel as far as décor. I am not saying I want chamber pots and candles but Ikea beds in a 17th century manor just seems wrong. The Manor House advertised their rooms as looking very cottage chic with just enough old world charm so with a flick of my wand (okay so my mobile) I had booked myself a one night stay.

Soon after booking I received a lovely email detailing how I could go about booking dinner, information on parking, directions and even some information on a few popular nearby attractions.

ROOMCheck in was set for 2:30 but rain caused me to scamper in just after 1:40 straight into a warm fire lit reception area. Luckily my room was ready! Reception was incredibly friendly and efficient with a similar spiel to the one I give back in Broadway. A pleasant enough concierge showed me up to my room on the third floor and gave me a quick show around before leaving me to settle in.

My room was quaint and comfy. A large king sized bed with white sheets (what is with hotels and white sheets?) and yellow accents in the pillows and headboard. Each side of the bed had lovely antique side tables which held lamps, a phone and a mysterious book – which I will get to later.BATH

Two comfy chairs sat by the window with a Samsung TV and a vintage dresser. On top of the dresser was an electric kettle, 2 large cups, a package of local Lemon Shortbread and a silver tin. When I opened the tin I was delighted to find an assortment of teas, coffee and even hot chocolate.

The bathroom was small, though that suits me just fine. A large bath with an overhead shower and a heated towel rack all came together to create a room that just begged for me to take a luxurious bath later that night. The crowning jewel of the bathroom though was the adorable rubber ducky nestled in the hand towels on the edge of the bath. It added to the home-away-from-home feel of the room

DUCKAs for the mysterious book, when I did get to opening it up it revealed a lovely ‘welcome’ letter by the hotel’s owner as well as a history of the hotel and area. It also included basic hotel information, including the offered services and prices, and even the menus for the hotels two restaurants: Beagle Brasserie and Mulberry Restaurant. The very back flap was where I found my room service sign and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. I loved this damn book. I feel like every hotel should have a book like that! It is just so handy and I firmly believe that even the fanciest of hotels could benefit from such a useful book.

Utilizing this book I chose to book dinner in the Brasserie and once that was all set I headed out to explore the town.

Next time on Backpacks and Broomsticks: Part two of my mini vacation!

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The Quest for Cake: Tisanes Tea Rooms

In any small British town there are a few things that you can always find a pub with a lot of history, a bench where old people gather, and tea rooms. Broadway has all of these and in particular it has a LOT of tearooms, or cafes, if you prefer.

I have long since found the perfect cake back home in Canada (they are made by a bakery known as Tiny Cakes) so I decided that with all of these adorable tea rooms I would do the same here and thus the hunt for the perfect cake began! (Que the dramatic fanfare)

The first stop on this noble quest was Tisanes Tea Rooms.

The Setting

Located near the Broadway hotel, Tisanes’ is nestled between a large gated house (no 7007136076_e326b496bc_bidea what it is) and a gift store called All My Heart. Like all of the buildings on the High Street, Tisanes is a yellow stone building and i actually the oldest of the tea rooms in Broadway with the building itself dating back to the 17th century. One of my favorite features of Tisane’s visage was how they chose to decorate the large picture window with an impressive assortment of vintage tea containers.

Like most stores in Broadway, Tisanes is more ‘long’ than wide as far as spacing goes with single and double person tables spread throughout and only a few larger tables in the front and in the gorgeous outdoor garden area which was bustling on the sunny day that I chose to pop in.

The Atmosphere

The first thing you will notice upon entering Tisanes is the lack of direction. Most places in roadway have signs that say either ‘Please wait to be Seated’ or ‘Please choose a seat’. Tisanes has neither and you are left wondering whether you should stand their awkwardly beside someone enjoying their tea and scones or if you should wander in and sit your butt down.

Once you DO discover that you have to ask a waitress to be seated, as they help you find your ideal seat (I.E how many people and in or out) you are enveloped in the cheery bustle of the place. Their is something quite comforting about a full tea room filled with chatty locals and tourists alike that just brings a smile to your face.

The bustle can loose its lscharm however as Tisanes is rather cramped for moving pace when it is full. There is not a lot of space to move and I suspect that quite a few guests have gotten a tad TOO close to their neighbors at one point or another while trying to either get up, sit down or head off to the loo in the back. Luckily the garden seating does offer a respite from this lack of space in the warmer months – though it must get pretty hectic when it is closed in the Winter or on rainy days.

The garden itself is an excellent it of extra space for guests with larger tables, comfortable chairs and full sun shielding umbrellas for those rare days when the sun does shine here (I wish that was a joke). The garden is tended beautifully with famous Cotswold lavender and other flowers providing a beautiful atmosphere to sitting in while partaking in your meal.

The decor as far as furniture is a tad odd however out in the garden. It is much more modern than the rest of Tisanes and there is quite a disconnect between the main tea room and garden seating area that may throw some people off and kind of takes away from the feel of the vintage tea room look they are going for.

The Staff

The waitresses of Tisane’s (I only saw girls while I was there) were all bustling around like bumblebees and sometimes it was hard to tell how they were actually organized. Did they just help customers as they went or were they all assigned different areas or tables? It was pretty much impossible to tell. Regardless, they were all super friendly and made time to check on everyone at regular intervals.

tisanes-1_origTheir uniforms seemed to be quite simple with all of then wearing some sort of black based attire with black flats. The only thing that really tied them all together and let customers know that worked there were adorable mall frilly white aprons that looked like slightly modern versions of the aprons worn by maids in the Victorian era.

The cutest thing about the staff though is how shocked they get when you leave a tip. It is just good manners in Canada to leave a tip even if you have a horrible experience (you just leave a crap tip) so it bothers me how this is not a thing as much in the UK.

The Food (Only based on sweets)

Tisanes’ has a pretty great selection when it comes to cakes and unlike most of the tea rooms I have been to, they have some that are ALWAYS on the menu meaning you can always come back for your favorite. This is great when you have allergies like I do as you always know that there are safe options for you.

Anywho, the main selection of cakes include: Chocolate Fudge, Victorian Fruit Cake, Coffee & Walnut, Victorian Sponge, Carrot, Gluten Free, Ginger and Lemon Drizzle. Seeing as many of these have allergens for me (looking at you Carrot and Walnut) or I have tried before, I was left with 3 options – Victorian Fruit, Sponge or Lemon Drizzle. I chose Victorian Sponge.small-pic-master3

The cake itself was presented to me a beautiful golden yellow colour. It is a two layer cake  and strawberry jelly nestled between the layers and light coating of sugar sprinkled on top. Not powdered sugar. Just plain sugar.

As soon as I heard the term ‘sponge’ I assumed that the cake would be quite fluffy and,  well, spongy with a sweet flavor but I was actually surprised to discover the opposite. Victorian Sponge is a much denser cake, more similar in texture to say a sweet bread. Ultimately the sweetness of the cake is supplied by the buttercream, jelly and sugar on top.

20171008_152857Frankly I loved it. It was super tasty and not overtly sweet like I was thinking it may be (I often find Sponge cakes too sweet especially when you add buttercream icing). This lack of sweetness was especially awesome when you consider the fact that I choose to have a hot chocolate as my beverage of choice.

On the topic of ho chocolate – British people have it down pat. Over in North America, our hot chocolate is very sweet which means that adding marshmallows and whip cream as fun extras is almost always overkill and it is rarely the kind of drink you can enjoy with say cake or cookies as it becomes a sweetness overload on you senses. British hot chocolate is much less sweet, being more akin to dark chocolate rather than light, which means you can enjoy it with a slice of cake like I did without being killed by sweetness!


Setting: 5/5

Atmosphere: 3/5

Staff: 5/5

Food: 5/5

Overall rating: 4/5

Overall I would say that Tisanes is an early contender for the crown of ‘Best Cake in Broadway’ and I will have to wait and see if anyone can

Next time on Backpacks and Broomsticks: I spend the night at the Manor House Hotel!




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A Day in Cheltenham

So last week on my holiday I decided to head into the nearby city of Cheltenham (which I still cannot pronounce) for a day of shopping! As you can guess my small town isn’t exactly a mecha for getting your shop on. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few cute wee shops here in Broadway but they are definitely aimed at an older, and wealthier, clientele and tend to be based around either home decor or touristy types of items. Nice for browsing, but not what I had in mind.index

I wanted to get my SHOP on and hopefully find some more colder weather clothing items such as more jumpers, pants and new boots. Out of these items only the only item I can really afford to buy in Broadway are the boots since we have a store called Pairs that has pretty amazing prices (ultimately I did end up buying myself a pair of black chelsea boots for 49 GBP).

Luckily my in-house gal pal and fellow Globie AJ was also in the mood for some retail therapy, so we made our plans and set off to catch the bus. To our amusement we ended up running into 5 other members of staff (4 Globies and a foreign worker) all of whom were also heading into Cheltenham so we all piled onto the heated bus for the hour and a bit drive.

Once there we separated from one of the Globies who was off to the train station and decided that food was needed. After some looking about we ultimately settled on a Tex-Mex restaurant called Chiquito which was literally the only place in the area that was serving Brunch. Despite the amusing spectacle of watching one of the guys attempt to smother a breakfast burrito in hot sauce both myself and AJ’s food proved to be Cheltenham-24relatively ‘meh’ in quality with a general lack of flavour being agreed on by both of us in regards to our meals.

After paying the bill we chose to part ways with the rest of the group who had decided  to head off to go bowling with plans to start drinking nice and early (a common theme amongst many of my fellow Globies), while AJ and I headed off to get our shop on!

The two main shopping hubs of the city includes the three-storey Primark, which seems to be a staple of all larger British cities, and the two-storey Regent Arcade. These two main shopping locations are surrounded by many smaller privately run businesses as well as quite a few chain stores including the stupidly popular Boots (which doesn’t even sell boots).

Primark proved to be a huge success for AJ who left with a huge variety of bits and bobs, though it proved less successful for me. I find that saving for this whole trip has made me much more money conscious and now I only  buy things that I either need badly or absolutely MUST have (in the case of this trip, a Batman jumper). With purchases made we headed to the Arcade next.

Reproduction, © Bloomsbury AuctionsTo be honest, I am not a huge fan of the Arcade as far as malls go. I just feel like it is severely lacking from the variety standpoint with only a few clothing stores (the biggest of which are H&M and Top Shop) and the rest being either touristy or food vendors.

Needless to say, we both left empty handed and having already been in Cheltenham for four hours, we decided to head home. Sadly, we had just missed the bus and with the next one not coming for another 2 hours, we elected to grab a taxi.

Cheltenham reminds me a lot of Kitchener, a city very close to my home town back in Canada. Both are a weird juxtaposition of classy shopping opportunities and shady side areas that you scamper through to get to the nicer areas.

Once you get through the less than savoury area you are met by the true heart of the city. Street vendors selling flowers, elderly Italian ladies calling out their wares, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee streaming in from the many cafes and restaurants all done up in a white pallet that just oozes the sense of refinement and class.

img_09The outskirts shares this pallet but it seems less chic and more dated with its bars, strip clubs and dance clubs, to which personally I have been to one. When one of the more popular Globies was leaving we threw him a going away party at the oddly named MooMoo Clubroom – but that is a story for another time … or never. Maybe never.

Overall I wouldn’t say to give Cheltenham a complete skip as it does have its charms and areas that I have yet to explore, but I would say that it is on the lower scale of places to visit in the Cotswolds. It seems to be one of those weird cities that receives mixed reactions when you tell people you are headed there with some wrinkling their noses and others immediately wanting to tell you about the time they went. This is definitely one of those places that makes me want to keep my backpack on while I just fly on over.

*NOTE* All of the pictures in this particular post are from Google and belong to their rightful owners.

Next time on Backpacks and Broomsticks: The search for the best cake in Broadway begins!

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Home away from Home

Man life is has been quite the hurly burly since I arrived in the UK! New job, new digs, new friends, keeping contact with old friends, exploring, the works! Being the new girl on the job means that I got last dibs on vacation times and when a bunch of your co-workers are from nearby countries, that means that you have to plan fast if you want to get some time off!2017-11-05_17.49.34

Thankfully I was able to snag a few days off this week so I can catch up with my writing (and sleep)! So as promised I present to you a look at my new digs – or at least the town I am living in.

Long story short I am currently working as a receptionist in a beautiful old hotel in a town called Broadway (which is a 1000 times more fun to say when you do it with a flourish). It is one of the many small villages that dot the English countryside in an area known as the Cotswolds.2017-11-05_17.49.13

For those of you not in the know, the Cotswolds is a grassy, hill covered area whose towns are primarily built in a golden coloured stone known as ‘Cotswold Stone’. Most of these buildings are quite old and most date back to the medieval era with some being even older! One writer even published a book quite recently that compares the topography of the Cotswolds to the Shire in J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Anyway, my particular town – Broadway, is often referred to as the ‘Jewel of the Cotswolds’ and with that sort of reputation backing it, it is of no surprise that it is a popular tourist destination. Built primarily along a long stretch of road known as ‘High Street’, Broadway is a quaint mixture of historic buildings turned shops and eateries 2017-11-05_17.50.02with a few historic hotels thrown into the mix. The town itself is in a prime location, a mere 2 hours by train from London and quite close to other popular locations like Stratford-upon-Avon and Cheltenham (which I still cannot pronounce properly).

To keep up with the tourists in the area, there are quite a few eateries in the area that range from adorable tea rooms, to classic British style pubs and more upscale restaurants such as Russel’s and the Lygon Arms’s Bar and Grill which is attached to the hotel of the same name. Due to the large tourist population (and the wealth of many of the tourists) the town features a lot of shops that sell everything from fine hand-crafted jewelry to an outdoor living style store that supplies items such as wellies and high-end riding gear. Not shockingly I don’t have the funds to shop at most of the clothing stores in the area (nor would I want to in most cases due to the fact that the styles are not really my thing) but I can shop at the local tea store, second-hand stores 2017-11-05_17.50.32and a few cute wee touristy trinket stores.

Along with the shopping, Broadway is also home to some gorgeous walking trails, most of which feature farm animals like sheep (insanely popular in the area) and horses (which you can often see being ridden down High Street. The most popular of these trails leads up to Broadway Tower, a 65 feet, stone tower which dates back to the late 1700’s. To be honest I have actually not been up there yet since I lack the proper footwear for such a trek.

While a lot of my Global co-workers may not appreciate the size of the town, I actually really like being in a small village. For starters it is much cheaper than if I was closer to the city as I would be shopping much more often and secondly, it is an absolutely 2017-11-05_17.48.18gorgeous wee town with a lot of great photo opportunities! Plus it is still close enough to any major cities, where if I had the urge to go on a day trip (like the one that will be happening tomorrow) I can easily hop on a bus or train and go!

I wish I could go into more detail about what I am up to in this lovely town as far as work but sadly a confidentiality clause in my contract with the hotel means that I really can’t get into any details other than to say that I work as a receptionist in a very old hotel in Broadway.

I am hoping to stay as a guest at the hotel I am working for at least once before I move on but I have no idea when that may happen as I am pretty partial to my job and the people I work with – some more than others of course.

Next time on Backpacks and Broomsticks: A day trip in Cheltenham – and how the hell do you pronounce it??

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Five things to do as a Harry Potter Fan in London

When people find out that I like Harry Potter their first question is always the same – is that why you decided to go to the UK? MY answer is simple: no. HOWEVER it does make for some very easy to find touristy things to do! London in particular has so many amazing things for a Harry Potter fan to check out that is what I am going to talk about today – the top 5 things to do in London as a Harry Potter fan!

IMG_20170918_093355_993(5.) Find sites from the movie

Number five is a pretty easy one since even if you are in London with non-Harry Potter fans you can still check out these sites since they are tourist attractions anyway! Locations like St. Pancras International, Leadenhall Market and Millennium Bridge are all already popular tourist stops for non-Harry Potter fans but are even more popular for fans of the series who will recognize the locations from the movies.

(4.) Primark, London

Taking advantage of the popularity of the franchise, the Primark location in London has a whole section for just Harry Potter merchandise! It can be noted though that most of these items can be bought at ANY Primark location, so it is really the design elements of the section itself that makes this location truly magical. The section has been set up to look like the Forbidden Forest, kind of an odd design choice, with element of the Gryffindor Common Room thrown in for good measure.

Homeware and clothes make up the primary sales of this section, though you can also purchase a few fun bits and bobs like pins and bags. If you are looking for things that are a little less ‘common’ though I suggest that you move along to number 3 on the list.

(3.) Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾

Looking for a fun pieces of Harry Potter merch to send home to your family or hoard for yourself? Then look no further than the Platform 9 ¾ Shop! Designed to look like Ollivander’s wand shop this fun little store has everything from clothes to wands to jewelry, copies of the books, plushies and even REAL versions of the candy from the movies!

The prices are shockingly decent considering it is a tourist trap first and foremost with items within every type of price range! When I was there I picked up a Slytherin scarf and hairbow as well as a Chocolate Frog and tiny stuffed Hedwig all for around 35 pounds!

IMG_20170921_172925_762(2.) Platform 9 ¾

Without a doubt the best FREE thing you can do as a Harry Potter fan in London. This popular destination allows for you to wait in line to get your very own photo taken with a Hogwarts trolley, House scarf and wand. When it first started you could only wear a Gryffindor scarf, but now you can wear any of the 4 house scarves and choose from a variety of wands to pose with.

Professional photographers who work for the attached store can take a photo for you (them taking it is free but you have to pay to get the photo) OR you can have a friend take the picture for you. I went by myself and I decided that I wanted to pay to get my own copy of the photo and I do not regret it one bit! It is a great memento of my trip and looks awesome on my shelves in my staff accommodation

(1.) Warner Bros Studio Tour London

The number one thing that any Harry Potter fan can do while in London is take a trip over to the Warner Bros Tour London. Currently the tour is focusing on the ‘Making of Harry Potter’ where you can see how they used motion-capture technology to animate Dobby and even take a look at the costumes used in the films.

Of course the attraction is always changing with October focusing more on the Dark Arts aspect of the franchise and November through December turning the attraction into ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’ which turns the whole set into a snowy wonderland just in time for the holiday season! All of these events will be changing up again though for next year – so who knows what will be happening next!

Unlike the other attractions on this list, this one you have to pay for AND buy tickets in advance since they only allow a certain number of visitors at once into the studio.

I actually did 4 out of these three things during my one week in London – though I do have plans on returning to London and experiencing the Tour as well as returning to the attraction I already visited!

Next time on Backpacks and Broomsticks: A look at my home away from home!

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