A Night at the Manor House Hotel

hOTELI needed a change of pace. I had either been working or staying in Broadway for the last two months (September and October) so on a whim I decided to treat myself and that my dear readers is how I ended up booking myself a room at the Manor House Hotel in Moreton-in-Marsh.

I decided on Moreton-in-Marsh as my mini vacation destination because (a) it is quite close to Broadway (a mere ½ hour bus ride through gorgeous forests) and (b) because it is one of the less pricey Cotswold towns (though just as pretty) in comparison to say Bourton-on-the-Water or Stratford-upon-Avon.

My criteria for choosing a hotel was actually quite simple:

  • I wanted it to be an older building with some history
  • I wanted to be able to do a Bed and Breakfast rate
  • It couldn’t be too expensive

Moreton has quite a few lovely hotels with a lot of history but ultimately I decided to go with ROOM2the Manor House Hotel due to rooms not being overly ‘modernized’, something I noted a lot of the other hotels had done. To me if you are going to have a hotel in an old building you should try and stay true to the age of the hotel as far as décor. I am not saying I want chamber pots and candles but Ikea beds in a 17th century manor just seems wrong. The Manor House advertised their rooms as looking very cottage chic with just enough old world charm so with a flick of my wand (okay so my mobile) I had booked myself a one night stay.

Soon after booking I received a lovely email detailing how I could go about booking dinner, information on parking, directions and even some information on a few popular nearby attractions.

ROOMCheck in was set for 2:30 but rain caused me to scamper in just after 1:40 straight into a warm fire lit reception area. Luckily my room was ready! Reception was incredibly friendly and efficient with a similar spiel to the one I give back in Broadway. A pleasant enough concierge showed me up to my room on the third floor and gave me a quick show around before leaving me to settle in.

My room was quaint and comfy. A large king sized bed with white sheets (what is with hotels and white sheets?) and yellow accents in the pillows and headboard. Each side of the bed had lovely antique side tables which held lamps, a phone and a mysterious book – which I will get to later.BATH

Two comfy chairs sat by the window with a Samsung TV and a vintage dresser. On top of the dresser was an electric kettle, 2 large cups, a package of local Lemon Shortbread and a silver tin. When I opened the tin I was delighted to find an assortment of teas, coffee and even hot chocolate.

The bathroom was small, though that suits me just fine. A large bath with an overhead shower and a heated towel rack all came together to create a room that just begged for me to take a luxurious bath later that night. The crowning jewel of the bathroom though was the adorable rubber ducky nestled in the hand towels on the edge of the bath. It added to the home-away-from-home feel of the room

DUCKAs for the mysterious book, when I did get to opening it up it revealed a lovely ‘welcome’ letter by the hotel’s owner as well as a history of the hotel and area. It also included basic hotel information, including the offered services and prices, and even the menus for the hotels two restaurants: Beagle Brasserie and Mulberry Restaurant. The very back flap was where I found my room service sign and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. I loved this damn book. I feel like every hotel should have a book like that! It is just so handy and I firmly believe that even the fanciest of hotels could benefit from such a useful book.

Utilizing this book I chose to book dinner in the Brasserie and once that was all set I headed out to explore the town.

Next time on Backpacks and Broomsticks: Part two of my mini vacation!

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