A Night in the Manor House Hotel: Part 2

After walking about the village for awhile and getting a manicure (a real last minute – but totally worth it – decision) I headed back to my room to relax with a cup of tea and some telly until my 7 pm dinner reservation.

restUpon my arrival to the restaurant I was immediately offered a beverage – which I politely declined – and I was then led to a cozy wee table near the back which offered me a great view of the restaurant. Situated in an obviously newer area of the hotel and is essentially a glassed in room (kind of like a greenhouse) that must offer spectacular views during the day of the gardens. Night in the restaurant is decidedly less spectacular due to a lack of any real lights outdoors. The chairs were quite comfortable so I easily settled in to await my order.

Upon my booking of the reservation for dinner, I was asked if I had any food allergies. Of course I do have a serious allergy to peanuts so the staff had already provided me a peanut free menu which I chose to order haddock and chips off of. After taking my order the waitress asked if I would prefer gluten free bread over regular bread due to the fact that it was guaranteed to be nut free and I accepted. Within seconds she returned with my warm bread and I happily went about nomming on it.din

I did end up deciding to order cranberry juice as my drink of choice, much to the shock of my waitress, and I think she spent much of the night trying to decipher how old I was. Other guests also seemed to be curious about me and I even heard one nearby table say that ‘she must be important to be so young and on her own’.

Speaking of the nearby table, they proved to be a source of great amusement for me all night. The were discussing a wedding that they had all been to and then were describing it as a rather ‘off’ affair. At one point the oldest woman at the table regaled her fellow table mates with the tale of the tart that she had at the wedding which she described as ‘the most ridiculous tart I have ever eaten’.

My meal arrived about ten minutes or so after I had taken my seat and I truly enjoyed it. The fish was a perfect ratio of fish to batter and the chips themselves were perfectly crunchy and delicious when dipped in the house made tartar sauce. The real star of the meal though came with dessert however.

It is well known among my family that I truly LOVE Creme Brule and I have even joked that rather than a wedding cake I want a giant Creme Brule whose top layer I can crack rather than making the first slice. This particular Creme Brule was of the salted caramel variety and came with a perfect amount of fresh fruit to off set the richness of the brule itself.

break2After finishing my meal I headed back upstairs for my long awaited bath – which sadly was not nearly as enjoyable as I would have liked. It was a bit of a pain to get the temperature just right. It was also not nearly deep enough for me to completely submerge myself (a common problem for those of us with larger *assets*). But it was nice to not have to worry about someone banging on the door needing a pee or wanting to brush their teeth so I enjoyed it to the best of my ability with a Madonna playlist.

I had chosen to go for room service for breakfast for the simple reason that breakfast started at 7:30 (normal) but ended at 9:30, which is actually a tad early for most hotel. So I filled out the order sheet, brought it downstairs (kind of a pain since I had to get redressed) and then headed off to bed.

breakThe next morning my breakfast arrived promptly at 9:30 and I was treated to a beautifully presented tray which included a wee dish of assorted mini pastries, freshly squeezed apple juice, and a mini teapot of hot chocolate. I had elected to go with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for my main dish. It was simply delicious and I enjoyed every last bite.

With checkout being at 11 I had made sure to prepack the night before to prevent any panic. With breakfast done and bags packed I headed downstairs to pay my bill then I popped on my backpack and hopped back on my broom to fly off to my next adventure!

Next time on Backpacks and Broomsticks: I give my final rating for the Manor House Hotel

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