Hello my freaky darlings and welcome to Backpacks and Broomsticks!

This chapter of my life officially started on August 17th, though if we are being totally honest I actually began working on this blog a few months back. Designed initially to document my travels through the UK on a working holiday, I have since made the decision to also use the blog to showcase my other interests as well including fashion, video games, reading, spooky stuff and comic books!

What can you expect?

Reviews, hauls, lists, inconsistent posting times, photo dumps and stories. Some will be about my travels, others will be about geeky topics – it will all depend on what I feel like writing about!

About me

Born in 1991 in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. I am a curvy three time college graduate currently working in retail while looking for a job that doesn’t have me using a cash register (not that there is anything wrong with that). I am one of those odd sort of chickadees that loves frilly dresses, petticoats and shopping. But at the same

I currently live in a small stain on the map sort of town in Ontario with my family which includes my Dad, stepmother, younger sister and an assortment of pets which include 3 cats (Duchess, Iggy, and Whiskey), 4 rats (Mama, Pearl, Mabel and Snickerdoodle) and an assortment of fish (I don’t know most of their names).

So where do we start?

I will officially be leaving for the United Kingdom (more specifically London, England) on September 15th and that is when the adventure will really begin!

So sit back and enjoy as I try my best to soar through the clouds and avoid crashing into any serious issues. Hopefully this blog will keep my family and friends updated as well as anyone else who truly wonders what this crazy dork has gotten herself into now!


The adorable header for my blog was designed by my younger sister, Alyshia, whose amazing art can be viewed over on her Tumblr Crazy Bear Lady