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Fell off my Broom

Well I am LITERALLY the worst blogger ever! The last couple of months have been insanely busy at work (Christmas and Twixmas) and I worked a LOT so I haven’t had much time to get any blogging done. Pretty much … Continue reading

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A Night in the Manor House Hotel: Part 2

After walking about the village for awhile and getting a manicure (a real last minute – but totally worth it – decision) I headed back to my room to relax with a cup of tea and some telly until my … Continue reading

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A Night at the Manor House Hotel

I needed a change of pace. I had either been working or staying in Broadway for the last two months (September and October) so on a whim I decided to treat myself and that my dear readers is how I … Continue reading

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The Quest for Cake: Tisanes Tea Rooms

In any small British town there are a few things that you can always find a pub with a lot of history, a bench where old people gather, and tea rooms. Broadway has all of these and in particular it … Continue reading

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A Day in Cheltenham

So last week on my holiday I decided to head into the nearby city of Cheltenham (which I still cannot pronounce) for a day of shopping! As you can guess my small town isn’t exactly a mecha for getting your … Continue reading

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Home away from Home

Man life is has been quite the hurly burly since I arrived in the UK! New job, new digs, new friends, keeping contact with old friends, exploring, the works! Being the new girl on the job means that I got … Continue reading

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Five things to do as a Harry Potter Fan in London

When people find out that I like Harry Potter their first question is always the same – is that why you decided to go to the UK? MY answer is simple: no. HOWEVER it does make for some very easy … Continue reading

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